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(Deluxe-packaged cd copies available at www.flnoise.storenvy.com )

This split was a collaborative effort between two of Florida's long-standing noise artists to commemorate the 76th anniversary of H.P. Lovecraft's death.

Much like how Lovecraft's story is broken into three acts, the split is separated into three tracks representing each part of "The Call Of Cthulhu". Tenticular Genocide opens it up with "The Horror In Clay", then TG and NAN clash head-to-head on "The Tale Of Inspector Legrasse", and finally Nature Abhors Normality closes the split with "The Madness At Sea". Harsh, psychedelic, terrifying, vast, hypnotic, maddening... this is 30 minutes spent running the gamut of sound and emotion, clinging desperately to what sanity you may still possess.

The physical release of this split was also given the deluxe treatment. Limited to only 13 copies, "Last Call Of Cthulhu" comes in a one-of-a-kind Necronomicon case; each one crafted and assembled by hand with 4 pages of original artwork drawn by Nature Abhors Normality. (Each of these will be made-to-order and once the 13th copy is sold, no more will be produced at any cost.)

Recorded and mixed during the last week of March, when the subconscious minds of men are plagued by fevered dreams of stories-tall cephalopodic overlords, rising from their dead sleep beneath the sea.


released March 29, 2013

Nature Abhors Normality is:
Walt Liquor - pedals, vocals, percussion, various tweaks

Tenticular Genocide is:
Gestapo Post-Mortem - pedals, synths, vocals, rancor

Released by Florida Noise Ordinance Records, 2013

Artwork and packaging by Walt Liquor.
Deluxe "Necronomicon" cd packaging limited to 13 copies.
Available through Florida Noise Ordinance.
(Please note: Art and packaging done entirely by hand, and each copy will have slight variations.)



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