1. Florida Noise Ordinance Fest 2 Sampler

  2. Faces Of Piss
    Piss Junkie / Nature Abhors Normality

  3. Crust Funeral
    Fit For A Funeral & Crust Girls

  4. The Perverse Confessions Demo
    Puncture Wounds

  5. Demo
    Joint Dislocation

  6. Mammalian Degeneration
    Mammalian Degeneration

  7. Intellectual Dry Heave
    Joel Nobody

  8. Split
    Deletist / Nature Abhors Normality

  9. Drawing Down Of The Moon

  10. Corpse Molester (Single)
    Gore Blast

  11. Burial

  12. Himura / Killer Instinct split
    Himura / Killer Instinct (Indonesia)

  13. R.I.P.A.C.
    Scissor Shock (IN)

  14. 2-Way Split
    WO-5100 & Joel Nobody / Phantasm Nocturnes

  15. The Cryosuppositorium Remixes

  16. Ironside EP

  17. Urinal Worship
    Piss Junkie (NY)

  18. Sifting Through Droppings For Nutrients / Scab Addict split C2
    Sifting Through Droppings For Nutrients / Scab Addict

  19. ...Wish We Could Hear!
    Parakeet Lightsocket

  20. Pathology Outlines
    Human Fluid Rot

  21. Live at Celebration Of Diversity 2004
    Gizzard Smoke

  22. The Finer Points Of Fecal Matter

  23. I Love Beast
    Rudkus (NY)

  24. Not Coming Out
    Mind Of God (LA)

  25. Lo-Fi Guitar Misuse
    Nature Abhors Normality

  26. Devious Intercourse
    Tenticular Genocide

  27. Way Of Life
    Mung God

  28. It Is Your Right To Stalk, Kill & Eat Human Beings
    Colombian Necktie/I'MtheDEVIL

  29. Stop Kurt Cobain Worship
    Larva (CA)

  30. This Is A Kill Site
    Orange Annihilator (NY)

  31. Perpetrators of Innovation
    Tenticular Genocide -vs- Nature Abhors Normality

  32. TG Live at Celebration of Diversity 2004
    Tenticular Genocide

  33. Self-Titled Demo
    Murder Us

  34. Double Veteran
    Double Veteran

  35. Comp Against Censorshit
    V/A (DIY Noise)

  36. Prime Eggsampler Volume One
    V/A (Prime Eggsample Records)

  37. The Development of Groundbreaking New Tactics In Sadism
    Nature Abhors Normality

  38. Octopus Vulgaris
    Tenticular Genocide

  39. Beautiful Machines of Doom
    Mung God

  40. Rape Festival Full Length
    Rape Festival

  41. Villainous: Live Recordings 2009-2011
    darph/nadeR (CA)

  42. 3- Way Split
    The Leviathan's Mandible / Kindergarten Hazing Ritual / Panspermia

  43. Prior Offenses
    Nature Abhors Normality

  44. Live At Bummerfest 2012
    Tenticular Genocide

  45. They Live
    Mung God

  46. 20 Minutes of SHIT! (Demo)

  47. Aghoree
    Crowhurst (CA)

  48. Beautiful Smoker's Cough Medicine
    Rat Babies (Athens, GA)

  49. Radio-Controlled
    Nature Abhors Normality

  50. Zombie Apocalypse
    Black Earth: CONFIDENTIAL

  51. 2011

  52. 2003 Demo
    Catch Rag

  53. There Is No Hope Here
    Crowhurst (CA)

  54. Bad Men
    Rat Babies (Athens, GA)

  55. For The Love Of Your God
    Human Fluid Rot

  56. Twisted Entrails of a Newborn Baby
    The Ripper

  57. Boiling Termoil

  58. What I Did With 40 Subscriptions To Vibe

  59. Government Suppression
    Disrepute (Glasgow)

  60. Rehearsal Sessions
    Torn By Teeth (CA)

  61. Human Fluid Rot/Crowhurst split
    Human Fluid Rot/Crowhurst

  62. S/T Demo
    Parakeet Lightsocket

  63. Almost Better Than Nothing
    Pig Chicken Suicide

  64. Demo 2008
    Metro Sexual Mascara Frenzie

  65. Collection 08-12
    Sordo (CA)

  66. Volume 5
    18DS (Eighteen Dead Squirrels) (NY)

  67. Travelling Earplug Salesmen
    Nature Abhors Normality -vs- Human Fluid Rot

  68. Afterglow Snacks for Sodomites
    Colombian Necktie + Eighteen Dead Squirrels

  69. Mixed By Stormtroopers

  70. Eat Your Vitamins
    Vitamin Seizure

  71. 5-Way Halloween Split
    Various Artists

  72. BATS
    E-Yard (CA)

  73. Last Days of Ashley
    Human Fluid Rot

  74. Stockpiling Lovenotes
    Ass Banana

  75. Short & Sour (The Creepy EP)
    Gizzard Smoke

  76. Domestic Violence: Live At Florida Noise Ordinance Festival 2012

  77. Sifting Through Droppings For Nutrients
    Sifting Through Droppings For Nutrients (NY)

  78. Collection 1: A 20-Sack of Throwback Tracks
    Orange Annihilator (NY)

  79. Emergency Communication Experiment Vol. 1
    Human Fluid Rot

  80. Live @ The Snooze / Hit and Run Massacre 4/13/2012
    Modulated Murder

  81. Allapattah Blues

  82. Unburied Remnants
    Colombian Necktie

  83. In Event of Moon Disaster
    Crowhurst (CA)

  84. Insane Cranium Spitting Demolition
    Festerfuck / Meth Tooth (WI)

  85. Split
    Human Fluid Rot / Chomo the Slunt

  86. Emergency Podblast Vol. 1
    Modulated Murder

  87. Cryosuppositorium (Demo)

  88. A Love Letter To Patton Oswalt
    Cerebral Roil (CA)

  89. Fever Dreams
    Cerebral Roil (CA)

  90. Buried Alive In Sand
    Human Fluid Rot

  91. Expanding Singles Collection
    Chrome Dick

  92. We All Die At Work
    Rudkus (NY)

  93. 2012 Cassette Sampler
    Orange Annihilator (NY)

  94. Live @ The Snooze Theatre 11/18/11
    Human Fluid Rot

  95. The Farther the Sun, The Holier the Spirit
    Chrome Dick

  96. Mechanically Separated EP
    The Cryptic Yeast (NY)

  97. Feast On The Yeast Vol. 4
    Cryptic Yeast

  98. The Hurt EP
    Human Fluid Rot

  99. Portal Between Heaven and Hell
    Chrome Dick

  100. Crypticomp Volume 2
    PrimeEggSample Records (NY)

  101. Extract The Red Treasure
    Cryptic Yeast

  102. Sputum (Single)
    Nature Abhors Normality

  103. Thriving To Fail
    Bastard Child

  104. Harsh Noided

  105. Into The Black
    Breached Hull (NY)

  106. Do-It-Yourself Torture Kit
    Nature Abhors Normality / Human Fluid Rot

  107. Biohazard Waste EP
    Modulated Murder

  108. Molly's Hatchet Wound (Lo-Fi Biker BBQ)
    Nature Abhors Normality

  109. Cum And Jizz
    DJ Fucked Up

  110. Spasm Distortion
    Human Fluid Rot

  111. Don't Press Play (Reissue)
    Tenticular Genocide

  112. 'Fawkes the Vote
    Nature Abhors Normality

  113. Crow's Nest
    Dylan Tietze

  114. Florida Noise Ordinance Fest 2012
    Various Artists

  115. Pumpkin Bomb! 2006 Halloween Compilation
    Various Artists

  116. Evolved Obsolescence

  117. A Horror Story
    Modulated Murder

  118. Guardians Of The Ghost Trailer
    Tenticular Genocide / Joel Nobody

  119. The Solipsist EP
    Tunnel Rat

  120. Deepthroat Homicide
    Masticated Remains

  121. Bearing Rot The Ninth Of March

  122. Last Call Of Cthulhu
    Nature Abhors Normality / Tenticular Genocide

  123. Devoid And Disgusted
    Nature Abhors Normality

  124. Split Three Ways
    Orange Annihilator / Chrome Dick / Nature Abhors Normality

  125. LMS 2012 Disc
    The Cryptic Yeast (NY)

  126. Opaque
    Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm

  127. Womb Teeth EP
    Orange Annihilator (NY)


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